About the writers…


Andrew lives in Medway and does work for Imperial College Library that has virtually nothing to do with books. When he’s not being gently and uncoordinatedly attacked by his twin boys, he finds the time to write, unless he’s asleep, which, given the twins, is a lot of the time. Contact aday@imperial.ac.uk


Sam set up this here website and facilitates the meetings of the group. She has an MA in plays and scripts. She used to edit and write for magazines and now writes in just about any genre (except poetry), and has had plays performed in that London town. She is currently collaborating on a graphic novel set in Medway.


Born in 1964, Sarah March D’Angelo studied at Middlesex Polytechnic and Lancaster University, and lived and worked in marketing in Paris and Ivrea, Italy until 1989. She currently lives with her husband and three sons in Rochester, where she teaches yoga, French and ICT to secondary school pupils.


Roy Smith lives in the Medway Towns, where he works with young people and spends a lot of time writing nonsense.  He studied English at UKC and Informal Education at YMCA GW College.  He writes at night and other inconvenient moments and is regularly interrupted by his dog.
Read more of Roy’s work on http://royalansmith.wordpress.com/ or contact him on roy_smith@hotmail.co.uk

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