Remember, remember – round about the 5th of November

We at ME4 were thinking the other day we hadn’t done an event for a little while, so after a couple of glasses of wine, came up with the jolly wheeze of celebrating Bonfire Night with a bang.

Now, obviously Guido Fawkes’ act of planned rebellion was a little more startling than anything we’d like you to get up to… (I have just discovered via Wikipedia that he was a Yorkshireman not an Italian as I’d previously been taught at school, just shows you that teachers don’t know jack!)

We’d like to showcase your ‘Acts of mild rebellion’ at a fun evening with the usual ME4 mix of cakes, music and games. So if you’ve done any guerilla gardening lately – take some pics or make a film. Write us a poem or play about it. Remember – we’re not in any way encouraging you to break the laws of the land, but we’d like to hear your tales or see your pics of your civil naughtiness, which we will hold sometime after Bonfire Night.

Email contributions by 20 Nov to

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