Are you sitting comfortably? Story telling evenings in London

We would like to tell story-tellers and those who enjoy listening to stories about a really fun monthly evening held in London and Brighton; Are you sitting comfortably? run by White Rabbit. One of ME4’s writers, Sam Hall, has had a couple of stories performed at the London night, most recently in December 2010. ‘Devil coat’ a story about one man’s obsession with a tweed coat was part of the evening on Horror. You can read the story here.

Each themed evening at Toynbee Hall in London has a shabby-chic feel and consists of new short stories (sometimes read by some familiar faces from TV), accompanied by free cakes and treats. There are also slightly bonkers competitions, and you might get some unexpected treats like a magician or a performance poet. We’ve been to the London evening a few times and it’s always been fun. The stories are usually of a very high standard, though sometimes feel as if they finish a little quickly. However, for a short story writer, it’s a great place to find out what works in terms of structure, as hearing work read out is very different to reading it.

We’d like to congratulate Bernadette and Gareth (who are White Rabbit) for a brilliant evening out. They clearly put a lot of effort into arranging the night.

You can find out more about forthcoming evenings on White Rabbit’s website.


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