Issue 2 of the Encyclopaedia Citaecephale available now

Cover of Issue 2
The City Project Issue 2

The second issue of ME4 Writers’ City Project is out and about. It features a moody and mysterious cover and images inside by the highly talented Nikki P Photography (join her Facebook group).

They City Project is about ME4 Writers trying to define the essence of city… we have developed an encyclopaedia where the definitions do not necessarily define terms, as you might expect of such an encyclopaedia. Each definition could be a short story or a poem or a musing on the word being defined… or it might not be. Expect the unexpected. As you might appreciate, with the controversial Medway City bid, we think our project is rather timely…

As a little taster – here are a couple of entries from Issue 2.

claustrophobic: Kept safe from lashing rain in nylon chrysalis. Surprising warmth, I hear her breath beside me unaware; she slept whilst I wandered. There was little warning; a clap of thunder and then it fell, by then we sat by dying fire as light rose through night time’s end. Outside a savage freedom, mudslide in miniature and many fortress destroyed, but in here we shelter with a mild stench, some insects and our sweat.

commute: People who work in
The town often prefer to live
In the countryside.

If you would like to get your mitts on one of these highly limited editions, you will have to keep your eyes peeled. They could be lurking in any of the coffee shops in Rochester, they might be in the Cathedral, they could be anywhere. Issue 3 is currently in development and will be on its way soon!


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