A flavour of ‘Acts of mild rebellion’

Roy reading '52 weeks of rejection'
Roy reading ’52 weeks of rejection’
Barry reading extracts from the City Project
Barry reading extracts from the City Project

ME4 Writers presented new writing on the theme of ‘Acts of mild rebellion’ on 5 March. Here is a flavour of the event.

We had readings from Roy Smith ‘52 weeks of rejection’, a collection of publisher’s rejection letters. ‘…it was decided that rather than waste untold amounts of money and effort collecting rejection letters from publishers, potential employers, funders and other patrons that I should skip to the chase and write them myself. ‘

Barry Fentiman read extracts from the ‘Encyclopaedia Citaecephale’  or ‘The City Project’: a collection of musings on the nature of city-ness written collectively by the writers.

Sam Hall gave a ‘lecture’ on the trend of tattoos. We were treated to a preview of Maggie Drury’s new play ‘The eyes have it’, about the English abroad with guest readers Natalie and Vanessa. Clive Radford’s poem ‘A little light rebellion’ was also read by Vanessa. Guest readers Sarah Jenkin and Philip Kane read 3 of their own poems in an impromtu open mic session.
We also had a quiz on the theme of rebellion with some books as prizes, and the usual mini-cupcakes as baked by Coco. £19 was raised for Comic Relief from the raffle. Thanks to Simply Italian for the venue.
We also made a little film of the evening and you can see Roy, Sam and Barry reading extracts on Youtube.

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