Hey writers – here are some writing opportunities

A couple of writing opportunities:


The National Poetry Anthology is published every year to promote poetry and spotlight talented poets. From thousands of entries they pick over 250 winners who vote for one overall UK Champion who receives £1,000 and an impressive trophy to keep forever.  

Send up to three poems of no more than 25 lines and 160 words each by the closing date of June 30th 2011 to United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB.

Myrdle Court Press has commissioned Hilary Powell to edit a book that will document and highlight critical responses to the official London 2012 Olympic Games site and Cultural Olympiad. The book will be published in 2012 and will collect the range of critical responses that have occurred since the governing bodies choose to bid for the 2012 Games. The book will also present an overview, history and critique of the Cultural Olympia and in doing so will argue against the corporatisation of urban space. The critical work, projects and ideas published will be indispensable for citizens of future bidding cities.  DEADLINE: Tuesday 31st May 2011. Find out more.


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