See ME4 Writers’ show ‘Low Expectations’ at the Dickens Festival 2011

Low Expectations
Low Expectations flier

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ME4 Writers present ‘Low Expectations’. A funny and fantastical journey of the imagination. Want to know more about the minor characters in Great Expectations? Come and hear what ME4 Writers think might have happened…

We’ll find out what happened to Mr Jaggers after his law career was over… We’ll find out what really happened on the marshes while the soldiers were looking for the convicts… We’ll hear a modern day social critique of women’s roles… And we’ll meet Molly Magwich – Estella’s mother, in our very own interdimensional chat show, Books Alive!
Low Expectations is on in the Wedding Room in Eastgate House each day of the festival, 3-5 June 2011, at 1pm and 3.15pm.
You can also watch a trailer for Books Alive! Part of Low Expectations at the Dickens Festival…

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