‘Low Expectations’ at Dickens 2011

ME4 Writers by Nikki Price
ME4 Writers, (Sarah, Sam, Roy and Barry) by Nikki Price

We had brilliant audiences over the weekend, and reckon we had an average of 40 people per show on Friday and Sunday and about 20 per show on Saturday.

Our show consisted of extracts from ‘I put the case – the collected letters of John Jaggers QC’, telling the story of Jaggers’ career after the book, by Barry Fentiman, ‘Waiting for Charlie’ a Beckett-esque musing on what might really have happened to the soldiers on the marshes, by Roy Smith, ‘Social critique 2011’ by Sarah March D’angelo, on what might have happened if Sarah Pockett had been born now, and ‘Books alive!’ an interdimensional book review show (see trailer!) which interviews Molly, Jaggers’ mysterious maid, written by Sam Hall.

We have put some extracts on our Youtube channel, (one of the Jaggers’ letters, and Waiting for Charlie) and the booklet with texts from the show will be available to download soon.

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