Latest issue of the Encyclopaedia Citaecephale produced

Issue 4 cover
Issue 4

We have produced the latest issue, Issue 4 – covering H-J in our definition of the city. Words we define include:

isolation (2)
The seams between the cupboard walls transmit no light into my tiny room. Sweat droplets sooth my heated skin as I lose my balance, brushing against the sides and right myself, reminded of the fall. He put it up high, above the musty place and no way my feet will touch the ground this time. So I’m perched, claws out waiting for release, but then there is a sound. He thinks too much about what’s happening here, when he could take a look and feed me for a change. Does he think I’ve got something going on in here? Is there a party or does he just suspect I know the way out?


I saw an attractive young man, head bowed, fringe covering his face like a curtain, stooping, tentative gait. The teenage girls sat giggling, not even noticing as he passed by. He was quite overweight.
When you are fat, you have a disguise. If you are only slightly overweight they can still see you. They can giggle and whisper, so you eat more. Obesity makes you disappear into yourself and lets you hide from them.

There are also some short fictions based around the words – haven and isolation (1).

These FREE limited edition issues are rare, but you can find them in The Deaf Cat, and around town, so keep your eyes peeled!

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