Poetrymon – gotta catch ’em all!

picture of a poem
One of the poems

We wanted to celebrate National Poetry Day 2011 on 6 October in some way, so decided to join up with the local Poetry Appreciation Society to play our own game. If you have ever played Pokemon, you will know how to play ‘Poetrymon’.

We are going to distribute one-off poetry postcards around the 5 Medway towns on National Poetry Day… and you have to find them.

The postcards have been collected over the years and we have customised them with a little bit of sparkle. We are gluing poems onto the back of the postcards, then setting them free for you to find, this might be in a cafe, or on a park bench (or sheltering from the rain under a park bench depending on the weather!)

Please pick up and keep any poetry postcards you see one about and give them a good home, there is no prize if you find some other than the fact that you will have a one-off poem-card that may be worth loadsa money in years to come… or give the poem to someone who might like it. The poems have been written by members of ME4 Writers.  You can find out more about the writer of your card using our unique colour coding system once you’ve found your card.

Aha… there is a prize! The first 10 people to email us(ME4writers@gmail.com) a photo of themselves with one of the poems will win a limited edition ME4 Writers badge!

If you don’t manage to catch one, the writers will also be documenting their work on YouTube with live performances of the poems as they set them free.

We hope you will enjoy our contribution to National Poetry Day. You can find more info on National Poetry Day on the website. We will also be posting some clues about the location of the cards on Thursday…

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