Poetrymon – phase 1, Chats, Gills and St Rood

So far poetry cards have been distributed around 12 places. Here are some clues to where they are. Good luck on your quest!

1) On a bridge on a hill, in a chalk pit. How bizarre.

2) The nerve centre of Chatham’s art scene?

3) Robert Tressell might have attended this school?

4)  Resting beneath the waves but visible from everywhere.

5) The mind reader was an outpatient here.

6) Home of the borrowers on Geffery Street.

7)  Abandon hope all ye who enter here, by the Vicar’s garden.

8) In Gillingham, you can wait by the barriers or cross this.

9) A floral tribute to the finest minds in Medway on Pier Rd.

10) The best red ship in Medway.

11) Steel skeleton overlooking St Mary’s Island.

12) Do we really need another supermarket here?


4 thoughts on “Poetrymon – phase 1, Chats, Gills and St Rood”

  1. Sadly I didn’t get home from work last night until 1am so I took a quick detour to number 8 but when I got there I couldn’t see any postcards :o( However on the way home again I did find £20 which more than compensated for my disappointment! :o)

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