Poetrymon – phase 2 – Chatham Maritime, Roch and R-ham

Hey Poetrymon players – our feet are sore, we have stopped off in a Kent Hostelry for a drink, but we have put our one-off poetry postcards in more than 30 places for you to find.  Good luck! We hope you find them – they should be fairly waterproof as they are in plastic bags.

Here are some clues – we will be posting a gallery of where they are if you find the clues a bit cryptic and a film documenting the day.

13) Opposite the Island, having a beer. Check the menu. Meanwhile outside, this one’s well stoned.

14) You cannot sit outside The Real China.

15) There’s (an)other cinema here.

16) At the foot of the mast your voice will chime.

17) Down the docks – this has nothing to loose but its chains.

18) In the Rochester home of the borrowers.

19) Not Charles Dickens’ garden – but not that you’d know it!

20) In the cathedral, surounded by WOW!

21) Behind bars for going up a Pilgrim’s Passage!

22)  Top cat in a tree.

23) Go to the castle, stand back and light the fuse, and this one will end up in Strood!

24) Definitely not the tradesman’s entrance to the Castle.

25) Have a nice sit down under the arches.

26) Celestial therapy in Rochester High Street.

27) In Dickens’ cat’s house.

28) This monk is bulletproof, but not immune to woodworm.

29) The name of the pub depends on what side of the river you’re on.

30) Where somnambulist troopers advance to meet the 7.08 to Cannon Street. (Chatham)

31) Your oats are nice and toasty, near the station.


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