National Poetry Day intervention

On 6 October, National Poetry Day, ME4 Writers played a game called Poetrymon.
After creating about 50 poetry postcards, using all our cutting, glittering and pasting skills, we set out with the intention of infusing Medway with poetry!

Barry Fentiman, Sam Hall, Roy Smith and Tara Moyle provided the poems. Sam, Barry, Tara and Gemma Quinnell provided the foot power.

We have done lots of live literature events and we wanted to get a bit more immersive. Poetrymon was our second game – previously we had made an Audio Walk (written by Roy Smith) as part of our ‘Seventh Traveller’  project – a series of writings and events inspired by a short story by Dickens.

Poetrymon is a treasure hunt game played around the Medway towns. The prizes are the poem cards themselves – which in themselves are works of art (we hope!) – though the first ten people to email us with a picture of themselves holding a card will also get an ME4 Writers badge.

Poetry postcard picture
Poetry postcard

Cryptic clues were placed on the website throughout the day as several of the writers hid the poems – some in plain sight! We also documented the day in a video film which you can see here.

We walked miles and our feet were aching the day after, but we hope our game made people smile and maybe inspired them to read a poem or even write some poetry for National Poetry Day! (We were very chuffed to receive a message from the Captain of LV21 who found our card! Ships ahoy!)


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