Short n Nasties #2

Cover of podcast 2 magazine
Short n Nasties #2

Welcome… (imagine this whispered in your ear by Vincent Price). In this week’s ME4 Writers presents podcast we are showcasing spooky stories by Liz Canning, Barry Fentiman and Clive Radford.

‘Sometimes, when the wind is right you can smell the rot seeping through the cracks in the ground. Down New Road or close to the river, where the crust is thin and the occasional tentacle breaches the  surface. We keep it quiet, don’t like to talk about it, but no matter how they patch it up, we all know it will eventually devour us all. In the meantime it’s best to get on with it, forget those troublesome headaches and nasty nosebleeds, it’s normal, isn’t it?’

You can download the magazine of Short n Nasties 2 here.

You can download the podcast here.

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