ME4 hiatus — news

Photo of Brussels wall art
Out of this world!

Hello there, I wanted to let you know that we are currently having a bit of a break from big events to concentrate on our own writing and also smaller projects with other artists. Some of the individual members of ME4 Writers are doing sub-projects, and you can find out more about a couple of them here:

Barry is working on a psychogeographic walking/writing tour of the whole Medway (some of which Sam and other walking partners might go along on) and you can find out more about it at The Estuary Monologues.

Roy is putting together a collection of Short Sci-fi stories called ‘Short Encounters’ – more info to follow.

Sam is thinking of ways to put the ‘Letters Home’ project together. If you’ve sent a letter – would you be up for reading it on camera? Ooh, and she’s also started her own business – so if you want a literary event organised or some publishing services, do head on over to Wordsmithery.


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