The Wishing Tree in Essex

The Wishing Tree is a project inspired by Yoko Ono’s Wish Trees.

photo of the wish tree
Wishes hanging from a tree

In March of this year Sam worked with a class of 7-10 year olds at a school in Essex, to create a magical project that the whole school could take part in. Along with a collaborator whose job is as a scene painter in the theatre, and the class of 30 children, Sam created a treasure hunt of 4 zones, which the whole school took part in during 2 hours in the afternoon.

There was a fun activity in each of the zones, devised and created by the children (with a little help!) Activities involved were riddle solving, dressing in disguises, and tasting food from around the world. When the children had followed the clues in the treasure hunt and taken part in all the activities, they were rewarded with a wishing card, where the finale of the treasure hunt was to visit the Wishing Tree, (a decorated tree in the school grounds,) and tie a wish to the tree.

The objectives of the overall treasure hunt activities were: to reinforce creative thinking; to introduce creative career pathways; and, the school needed to have aspects of the national curriculum covered in the project. (This was achieved for several topics; Design and technology,  Geograph, PE:,  Literacy, and, PSHE!)

wish cards

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