Poetry fun on National Poetry Day

poem 2 image
This poem was locked out of the Oast House!

For the second year running we played our game of Poetrymon across the 5 Medway towns.

In the day-long poetry treasure hunt, we hoofed it from Chatham to Rainham, Gillingham, then finally  Strood and Rochester.

In Poetrymon, ME4Writers make unique, one-off poem cards which are hidden about Medway to celebrate National Poetry Day.  Poems were written by Barry Fentiman, Sam Hall, Sarah Jenkin and Roy Smith. The hiders were Sam, Sarah and Barry.

This year the theme for NPD was ‘Stars’, so a good number of the poems responded to the theme. You can see more about Poetrymon on the website, we will also be adding some more pictures, poems and video to the site. The clues were also posted on Twitter and FaceBook. If you found a poem, we hope that it made your (National Poetry) day!!

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