Writing and drawing at Art in the Park

Despite stormy weather the night before, Art in the Park in Milton Creek Country Park on Saturday 19 July took place, despite a short but torrential rainburst in the morning. Sam and Barry of ME4 and Wordsmithery took along a gazebo and pens and paper and held a fun drop in writing workshop throughout the day.

Activities to try included – making a poem from rhyming words, writing a poem or piece of prose about anything, drawing or writing a story on a book cover, or choosing  a word at random from our word mugs.

Here are some photos from the event and some of the words that our writers and artists of all ages created. A fun day was had by all! Thanks to the organisers, the Friends of Milton Creek.

Penguins Forever by Alex Taylor and Vicky Andrews:

I love penguins that eat fish
Fish is great in my dish
Penguin sitting in a tree
Oh Mr Penguin, what of thee?
I have a problem, though you see
For I have nothing for my tea
The lake nearby is ripe with fish
I shall fetch you, if you wish
No, that’s quite all right, I’ll have some later
Give my regards to Mr Alligator!

Is a slug a bug? by Paul (with a little help from his children, and vice versa)

Does a slug
Slug from a mug?
Does a slug sleep on a rug?
If you ask him a question
Does he shrug?
Does he eat flowers from a jug?
Is a slug a bug?

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