Fiona Sinclair poetry launch at Roundabout Nights

image of poster
Ladies who lunch launch

We are getting excited about the launch of Fiona Sinclair’s poetry collection – ‘Ladies who lunch’ on 17 November.

Fiona Sinclair lives in Kent. She was an English Teacher for eighteen years until a balance disorder made her retire from teaching. Enforced free time and a good dose of CBT encouraged her to return to writing. She has had several pamphlets and small collections published over the last seven years.

Fiona’s work deals with the past, family and the peculiarities of life. Her poetry forms little vignettes or stories. This is her first full collection. Fiona is the founder/editor of the on-line poetry magazine Message in a Bottle. She loves black and white movies, hand
bags and horse racing.

Come and hear Fiona read from her new book on 17 November, at Roundabout Nights.  There will also be an open mic for poets.


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