Roundabout Nights – And now you must walk with me

A slightly sad tinge to Roundabout Nights this week, as we learned earlier that week that Terry Pratchett had gone off to walk with Bill Door and Binky.

So we read a few stories from Sir T, and heard the wise words of Barry and Sam Fentiman-Hall, Neil R Wood, Sam Rapp, Lisa Vigour, Sarah March, Chris Van Beck, Maggie Drury, and Zack Davies. Photos below from Man in the Attic Photography. And goodbye and thanks for all the fish to the Recreate Project and POP gallery, which is coming to the end of its run at the end of March.

We will leave you with Barry’s poem:


We stride with giantly hubris
Through the streets of a ghost town,
Its gaily painted plywood pretence
Decorated with beautiful dreamers

We clever apes lend ourselves well
To this grand game of les buggeurs risible
Hurting more as years drift by
Playing on through endless injury time

And then, and then, it comes
With the inevitable darkness
Of a Sunday teatime in winter
A random embuggerance rears

From its watchful biding place
To rob us of the needful things
That gilded well our breathing
When we looked down on life

So much larger than it then
And such a steepling way to fall
Faster than the speed of light
With the darkness waiting always

So embuggered you’ll be stood
If still standing you can be
Beyond cat calling memories

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