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Alternative Royal Wedding picnic


Wordsmithery is an independent literary arts organisation and publisher which does the same sort of things as ME4Writers but in a more organised way…

ME4Writers was a small collective of Medway based writers who worked together on projects and events. The group was set up by playwright Sam Hall in 2009, after she moved to the area. A small core group of the writers went on to work together, and with a wide range of collaborators, to arrange events and projects with the aim of re-invigorating Medway’s literary scene and offering  the local community a more easily accessible route into getting involved in creative writing. Many of our projects  were open submission. Many of our writers have also been inspired to go on and create their own literary projects and events (which we are very happy about).

ME4Writers was ‘Highly commended’  at Medway’s Culture and Design Awards 2012 for our collaborative work in Medway.

Get in touch: 
Join the Wordsmithery group on Facebook, and like our City without a head page.

Events, games and performances
We also like to put literature in places it would not normally be found in order for more people to be able to enjoy it – our  Poetrymon poetry treasure hunt project crosses the borders between literary event, game and performance.

In the city…
We published an anthology of creative writing ‘City without a head’, which is available from Waterstones Chatham, or from www.wordsmithery.info

Our code of conduct
Wordsmithery exists to provide a constructive and creative environment for writers of all disciplines and genres in Medway; To create a forum for the exchange of ideas and materials; And, to contribute and collaborate with the wider Medway arts scene.

Wordsmithery works with individuals on a project-by-project basis. Please look at the various pages on the Wordsmithery site to see whether there are any projects you would like to get involved with.

Contributors and collaborations
Please note* The Editors’ decisions on submissions to projects are final.

We have had the joy of working with many of Medway’s artistic community on our projects (and some from further afield!) Plus we’ve also had 100s of contributors to our open access community projects: the WordShed, Letters Home and Rochester LitFest curated events. Below a list of some the people we have worked with and some of the projects they have contributed to. Thanks to everyone who took part in ME4Writers and to those who now work with us on Wordsmithery.

Just some of our contributors:

ALEX ANDERSON (Encyclopaedia Citaecephale)
ANDREW DAY (Short’n’nasties/The Seventh Traveller/Dickens 2010/Letters Home/Dickens B’day/Anti-Valentines) @stroodlights
LIZ CANNING (Short’n’nasties)
PETER B CARTER (The Seventh Traveller/Alternative Royal Wedding Picnic/Anti-Valentines/Dickens B’day)
MATT CLEMENS-LARY (Dickens B’day/Anti-Valentines)
MAGGIE DRURY (Acts of mild rebellion/Anti-Valentines)
PORLIE EIDOLON (Short Encounters)
KEVIN ELAM (Short Encounters)
BARRY FENTIMAN (Poetrymon 1+2/Medway meandering/Acts of mild rebellion/Alternative Royal Wedding Picnic/Short’n’nasties/Encyclopaedia Citaecephale (RED)/Dickens 2011/Letters Home/Fashion on trial/am i still small?/Say what you see/The WordShed/City without a head) @Rhab_Adnam
VANESSA GALVIN (Anti-Valentines/Acts of mild rebellion)
SAM HALL (The Seventh Traveller/Poetrymon 1+2/Medway meandering/Acts of mild rebellion/Alternative Royal Wedding Picnic/Short’n’nasties/Encyclopaedia Citaecephale (PINK)/Dickens 2010, 2011/Letters Home/Fashion on trial/am i still small?/Dickens B’day/Anti-Valentines/Short Encounters/The WordShed/City without a head)  @the7thtraveller
SARAH JENKIN (Encyclopaedia Citaecephale (TURQUOISE)/Letters Home/Poetrymon 2/The WordShed/City without a head)
ANNE-MARIE JORDAN (Encyclopaedia Citaecephale (DARK BLUE)/The WordShed/City without a head) @smugasapug
PHILIP KANE (Acts of mild rebellion / Letters Home)
SARAH MARCH D’ANGELO (am i still small?/Dickens 2010, 2011/The Seventh Traveller/Alternative Royal Wedding Picnic/Encyclopaedia Citaecephale/Dickens B’day/Anti-Valentines/Letters Home/The WordShed/City without a head) @yogahammy
STEPHEN MORRIS (Short’n’nasties/Short encounters)
TARA MOYLE (Poetrymon/Letters Home/City without a head) @tlmoyle
MICHAEL O’CONNOR (Short’n’nasties)
NIKKI PRICE (Our lovely photographer – who takes most of our photos) http://www.flickr.com/photos/nikki_p_photography/
PR POPE (Short encounters)
GEMMA QUINNELL (Poetrymon/Letters Home/Encyclopaedia Citaecephale (LILAC))
CLIVE RADFORD (Letters Home/am i still small?/Encyclopaedia Citaecephale (YELLOW)/Short’n’nasties/Acts of mild rebellion)
FIZZER RIPPON (Anti-Valentines/Short’n’nasties)
ROY SMITH (The Seventh Traveller/Acts of mild rebellion/Alternative Royal Wedding Picnic/Short’n’nasties/Encyclopaedia Citaecephale (GREEN)/Dickens 2010, 2011/Letters Home/am i still small?/Writers’ retreat/Dickens B’day/Anti-Valentines/Short encounters/The WordShed/City without a head) @roy_smith
HEATHER TAYLOR (Dickens B’day)
ROGER TOOTH (Short’n’nasties)
JUNE WINTON (Short encounters)




2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

    1. hi there, we do not run a writing group as such (not in terms of doing tutorials), but we do do a lot of open collaboration writing projects such as The Word Shed, which we are working on right now! The best way would be to come along to one of our workshops that we are running over the next 3 Saturdays at libraries in Medway, or come along and have a chat to us when we are running the Shed 14-16 June during Fuse.

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