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Wordsmithery Award Winners

Photo of the winning certificate and awardWe are delighted to say that Wordsmithery (the team behind ME4Writers) was the Winner in the 2015 Literature category in the Medway Cuture, Design and Tourism Awards held on 22 October 2015, at Mid-Kent College.

The 2015 Culture, Design and Tourism Awards serve to recognise groups and individuals for their outstanding achievements and contribution to Medway.

We’d like to thank everyone who has collaborated with us first as ME4Writers, and now as Wordsmithery.


Photos from Not the Edinburgh Festival


At our first She Writes at Roundabout Nights we had a selection of plays from local female writers; Good cava is better than bad champagne by SM Jenkin; an extract from A life in Ruins by SJ Horan; March by Sarah Hehir; Runaway by Sam Rapp; Human Nature by Maggie Drury; and Favela to Favela by Sam Hall.

Thanks to our readers, Nigel, Sarah, Irina, Barry, Sam, and Sam.

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An assemblance of judicious heretics…

Assemblance photoWe would like to introduce ME4Writers’ latest project for the Rochester Literature Festival 2014.

‘An assemblance of judicious heretics’ is an open access collaborative project, fusing words and images from writers and artists from Medway and beyond. We have collected and commissioned our writer friends who have written us some brilliant poems/short stories/something else on the overall festival theme of ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know’ and we are now in the process of assigning these words to artists.

The project will be displayed as part of an exhibition at Rochester Library during September and October 2014 and we will also be holding a live literature event during the Rochester LitFest, where the writers will read their work. Further details to follow.

If you are a writer or an artist and would like to get involved in the project, please email us.

UPDATE* We have now closed for writing submissions, unless you have already contacted us and got an extension, but we are still open for art.



Word Shed on the road

The Word Shed

The sun came out and we temporarily transformed the smoking lean-to at the Good Intent into the Word Shed for the afternoon of 14 July 2013.

Writing activities to try out included:

* contributing a line to Rochester’s longest communal poem (probably)

* Cut-n-paste poetry

* Roll the dice poetry or prose.

A great afternoon was had by all and we will post some of the poems – including probably Rochester’s longest – in due course.

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‘Poetrymon 2’

Poetrymon cards
Poetrymon cards 2011

“Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are*”

The 4 October is National Poetry Day, and this year we are going to play our treasure hunt game of ‘Poetrymon’ again!

The theme this year is ‘Stars’ and ME4 and some of our friends and collaborators have been writing poems on the theme.

“From our earliest days, the poetry of stars surrounds us. We look at the stars and see stories in the constellations, our scientific selves boggle at the concept of interstellar travel and we steal the stars’ metaphorical power to name our cultural heroes.  How to express this wonder, if not in poems?” (NPD website)

How does it work?
We will be producing one-off poetry cards which our team of hiders will distribute around Medway on National Poetry Day, 4 October. We will put clues as to the whereabouts of each card on Twitter, Facebook and this website. You can then follow the clue and find your own ME4 poem. If you enjoy your poem, please let us know by Twitter or email. The first 5 people to get in touch will receive an ME4Writers badge.

* You can watch a film about Poetrymon 2011, here.

 (First published as a poem by Jane Taylor in Rhymes for the Nursery in London in 1806)

NEWS!!! We have confirmed our library exhibition for Letters Home and are just finalising details – but you will be able to see the exhibition in November, at Rochester and Walderslade libraries! There will be more opportunities to contribute to the project over the summer. Watch this space!

ME4 hiatus — news

Photo of Brussels wall art
Out of this world!

Hello there, I wanted to let you know that we are currently having a bit of a break from big events to concentrate on our own writing and also smaller projects with other artists. Some of the individual members of ME4 Writers are doing sub-projects, and you can find out more about a couple of them here:

Barry is working on a psychogeographic walking/writing tour of the whole Medway (some of which Sam and other walking partners might go along on) and you can find out more about it at The Estuary Monologues.

Roy is putting together a collection of Short Sci-fi stories called ‘Short Encounters’ – more info to follow.

Sam is thinking of ways to put the ‘Letters Home’ project together. If you’ve sent a letter – would you be up for reading it on camera? Ooh, and she’s also started her own business – so if you want a literary event organised or some publishing services, do head on over to Wordsmithery.

Poetry competition – open to all and free to enter!

Last chance to write a poem about your town

Your poem could win you £1,000 in the Local Poem Competition.

It’s free to enter thisannual competition and it’s open to all UK residents, young or old. All you have to do is send up to three poems about life in your own home town or area to “Local Poem”, United Press Ltd, Admail 3735, London, EC1B 1JB orvisit the website and enter online, or call 0844 800 9177.

The best poem will win £1,000 cash and you can send up to three entries, which must be no more than 25 lines and 160 words each.

“The competition is designed to encourage more people to get involved in writing poetry. Your entry can be about something or someone from your home area,” explained a United Press spokesman. “We find that poems written from personal observation and experience are the most heartfelt and expressive, so we’re expecting some great entries.”

Last year’s winner was Pamela Griffiths from Sheffield and previous winners came from Bristol, Oxford, Stafford and Rotherham. Previous winning poems have been about village life, a river, a tower, a country walk and local history.


The closing date is December 31st 2011.


Poetrymon – gotta catch ’em all!

picture of a poem
One of the poems

We wanted to celebrate National Poetry Day 2011 on 6 October in some way, so decided to join up with the local Poetry Appreciation Society to play our own game. If you have ever played Pokemon, you will know how to play ‘Poetrymon’.

We are going to distribute one-off poetry postcards around the 5 Medway towns on National Poetry Day… and you have to find them.

The postcards have been collected over the years and we have customised them with a little bit of sparkle. We are gluing poems onto the back of the postcards, then setting them free for you to find, this might be in a cafe, or on a park bench (or sheltering from the rain under a park bench depending on the weather!)

Please pick up and keep any poetry postcards you see one about and give them a good home, there is no prize if you find some other than the fact that you will have a one-off poem-card that may be worth loadsa money in years to come… or give the poem to someone who might like it. The poems have been written by members of ME4 Writers.  You can find out more about the writer of your card using our unique colour coding system once you’ve found your card.

Aha… there is a prize! The first 10 people to email us( a photo of themselves with one of the poems will win a limited edition ME4 Writers badge!

If you don’t manage to catch one, the writers will also be documenting their work on YouTube with live performances of the poems as they set them free.

We hope you will enjoy our contribution to National Poetry Day. You can find more info on National Poetry Day on the website. We will also be posting some clues about the location of the cards on Thursday…

See ME4 Writers’ show ‘Low Expectations’ at the Dickens Festival 2011

Low Expectations
Low Expectations flier

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ME4 Writers present ‘Low Expectations’. A funny and fantastical journey of the imagination. Want to know more about the minor characters in Great Expectations? Come and hear what ME4 Writers think might have happened…

We’ll find out what happened to Mr Jaggers after his law career was over… We’ll find out what really happened on the marshes while the soldiers were looking for the convicts… We’ll hear a modern day social critique of women’s roles… And we’ll meet Molly Magwich – Estella’s mother, in our very own interdimensional chat show, Books Alive!
Low Expectations is on in the Wedding Room in Eastgate House each day of the festival, 3-5 June 2011, at 1pm and 3.15pm.
You can also watch a trailer for Books Alive! Part of Low Expectations at the Dickens Festival…