2013: ME4 at RLF

Rochester LitFest logo

ME4 were happy to be involved in devising and presenting several literary adventures during the Rochester Literature Festival (RLF), 3-13 October 2013.

“The Rochester Literature Festival are thrilled to have the outstanding ME4Writers on board once again, delivering a wonderful variety of activity across the Other Worlds, Other Voices festival. Their dedication, passion, commitment and enthusiasm make them a pleasure to work with and we look forward to doing so on many more occasions.”

Here are some details about our events.

For the past two years, ME4 have played our treasure hunt game Poetrymon around Medway on National Poetry Day (NPD). We set out early with a bundle of poetry-cards which we hide around Medway. Lucky poetry lovers can find them by following online clues. This year, a fabulous coincidence, NPD falls on the first day of RLF!

3 October 2013 – All around Medway. Look on this website for clues! We put up  a special page just for 3 October which had all the clues as we hid the poems! More about Poetrymon…

We also launched our collaborative alternative encyclopaedia about life in cities, City without a head, at the RLF. We initially published this as an occasional creative writing zine, in which we attempted to define the essence and nature of the city. There were eight limited edition issues, which we  collated, edited, rewrote and commissioned new writing and illustrations for, into a shiny new publication City without a head.  Available online from www.wordsmithery.info

“It is that rare thing – a collectively written book that actually coalesces together. A sort of dreamy wandering through cities, a psychogeographical dreamscape of memories and throwaway thoughts, focussing on cities anywhere, it is arranged in alphabetical index style, with definitions that are not at all definitions, and with no attribution to the authors (unless you cheat and look at the biographies at the end.) An ambitious collection, the anthology takes in poetry, stories and more experimental forms. Several lovely illustrations accompany key writings.” 

8 October 2013 – Ye Arrow, Rochester, 8pm. FREE.

Our final adventure with this year’s RLF was a creative writing walk led by Barry and Sam, Write around town. On this guided walk around Rochester, writers had the opportunity to be inspired by the stories, myths, views and location itself, as Barry and Sam guided attendees through a series of writing exercises to unlock your creativity.

10 October 2013 – Rochester Visitor Info Centre, 11AM.

Sam also produced a night of short plays; She Writes; What’s through the door? from 17Percent for the festival on 5 October 2013. You will be able to find out more about this on the 17Percent website. 

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