2013: The Word Shed

The Word Shed image

Come and visit The Word Shed, where inside, instead of seeds, pots and a lawnmower, you will find yourself in a blossoming, inspirational world of words. Possibly the world’s smallest writing retreat, where ideas are nurtured and your writing can grow! No wrong, no right, only writing!

During the Medway Fuse Festival, and in several creative writing workshops beforehand, visitors to The Word Shed helped create a new ME4Writers’ publication ‘The Seed Catalogue’.

For each of the days of Fuse, we set up our cosy writing shed in one of the Medway towns, where we invited people in, to sit a while, think and write, and in exchange for their words, receive a copy of our new collaborative Medway publication. The additional contributions will be typed up and made into an online magazine documenting the festival.

The Word Shed was developed with a Spark Commission for the Fuse Medway Festival.
Its appearance at Fuse 2013 was kindly supported by Passmores, http://www.passmores.co.uk

We have also taken The Word Shed to the Rochester Literature Festival’s summer Garden Party 2013, and it is available for touring. Please email us if you are interested.


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