Here you can find links to our downloadable PDF magazines and podcasts in one place! If you would like a printed copy of one of our lovingly crafted magazines, we will be happy to send you one for just the cost of postage and packing, please email for details.

Short Encounters (2012)
Download the Short Encounters #1 pamphlet. Featuring stories by PR Pope, Sam Hall, Porlie Eidolon, Roy Smith. Or listen to the Podcast.

Download Short Encounters #2 pamphlet. Featuring stories by Stephen Morris, June Winton and Kevin Elam. Or listen to the Podcast.

Short Encounters #1 cover
Short Encounters #1

Download the podcast to Short Encounters #3, featuring stories from Barry Fentiman, Roger Tooth, Andrew Day and Michael O’Connor. Or read the accompanying booklet Short Encounters#3.

Short’n’Nasties (October-November 2011)

Podcast one – featuring stories from Stephen Morris, Sam Hall and Roger Tooth. Or read the accompanying Short n Nasties one booklet.

Podcast two – featuring stories from Liz Canning, Barry Fentiman and Clive Radford. Or read the accompanying Short n Nasties 2 booklet.

Podcast 3 magazine cover
Short’n’nasties #3

Podcast three – featuring stories by Roy Smith, Michael O’Connor, Andrew Day and Fizzer Rippon. Or read the booklet.

The City Project aka The ‘Encyclopaedia Citaecephale’
Have you managed to find one around yet?
We will be publishing all the issues in a compendium sometime soon.
Here is the latest issue online as a little preview – issue 7.

Cover of Encyclopaedia issue 7
Encyclopaedia – issue 7

Our PDF magazines and podcasts from our live events (lovingly constructed for your reading pleasure)


cover of birthday fanzine
Write Now – Birthday fanzine

ME4Writers live at Dickensworld on Charles Dickens’ birthday, 7 Feb 2010. Magazine and podcast contains work by Andrew Day, Peter B Carter, Matt Clemens-Lary, Sam Hall, Sarah March D’angelo, Roy Smith, and Heather Taylor.

With a live podcast from event including a preview of ‘The Seventh Traveller’ project, read by the writers.


Anti-Valentine's fanzine cover
Our Anti-Valentine fanzine

ME4Writers live at The Deaf Cat on 21 Feb 2010. Magazine and podcast includes writing by Andrew Day, Peter B Carter, Matt Clemens-Lary, Maggie Drury, Vanessa Galvin, Sam Hall, Giacomo Lee, NME, Fizzer Rippon and Roy Smith.


Cover of the Seventh Traveller magazine
Seventh Traveller extracts

ME4Writers live at the Rochester Dickens Festival 4-6 June 2010. With extracts from ME4Writers’ ‘The Seventh Traveller’ project including podcast of audio walk. Magazine contains writing by Andrew Day, Sam Hall, Sarah March D’angelo and Roy Smith. To find out more about The Seventh Traveller, visit

Acts of mild rebellion

page from magazine
A page from Acts of mild rebellion magazine

ME4Writers live at Simply Italian on 5 March 2011. Writing by Barry Fentiman, Sam Hall, Roy Smith, Sarah March D’angelo, Sarah Jenkin and Clive Radford.

Some of the pieces from our open mic picnic and alternative Royal Wedding picnic in April 2011 – featuring writing by Sarah March D’Angelo, Sam Hall, Barry Fentiman, Tara Moyle and Peter B Carter.  Download Weddings.

booklet wedding cover

Letters Home launch
A podcast of the Letters Home launch event: featuring readings and music from Medway’s diverse community.

Photo from 'Letters Home'
One of the the photos of home by Nikki Price Photography.


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