An assemblance of judicious heretics

‘An assemblance of judicious heretics’ was ME4Writers’ art and text exhibition as part of the Rochester Literature Festival 2014.

We anonymously gave artists a text, which they interpreted. We didn’t reveal whose writing they were illustrating until the exhibition opened. The texts were illustrated in a variety of ways – collage, oils, watercolours, pencil, sculpture, photographs, computer art, mixed-media, objects… Below you can see photos of the exhibition, and find out whose writing inspired who to create what.

The exhibition ran from 26 September to 25 October 2014 at Rochester Library, and an event where writers read the texts that inspired the artists was held on 2 October (see photos here from the event). Most of the artwork is available to purchase, please email if you are interested. (All images below are copyright to the individual artist, please do not reproduce them without first seeking permission from ME4Writers or the individual artist.)

Below are the writer-artist collaborations in full:

  • Nigel Adams ‘Vampire Empire’; Artwork by Lesley Ellen Cooperwaite
  • Deke Dobson ‘Only death’s touch can cure humanity’; Artwork by Dave Wise
  • Maggie Drury ‘Killing Time’; Artwork by Dianne Reeves
  • Barry Fentiman-Hall ‘Apocalypso’;  Artwork by Richard Squarecube
  • Barry Fentiman-Hall ‘Ghost writers in disguise’; Artwork by Richard Squarecube
  • Sam Fentiman-Hall ‘Smoking Jacket’; Artwork by Richard Squarecube and Abigail Ziering
  • Sarah Hehir ‘And this is not the end of you’; Artwork by Heather Haythornthwaite
  • Mark Holihan ‘Hoboken Flower’; Artwork by Stef Rowe
  • Frater XII Irrumabo ‘Lost’; Artwork by Sam Fentiman-Hall
  • Sarah Jenkin ‘Women of 1916’; Artwork by Cassandra Nye
  • Anne-Marie Jordan ‘Have a nice day’; Artwork by  Victoria Wainwright
  • Philip Kane ‘The musician’s harem’; Artwork by Dianne Reeves
  • Thomas W Kelly ‘The Fishing Boys’; Artwork by Cassandra Nye
    and Nikki Price
  • Bill Lewis ‘The Shadow Warrior’; Artwork by Riven Grey
    and Bill Lewis
  • Ira Lightman ‘Malachi – a clown poem’; Artwork by Lesley Ellen Cooperwaite and Nigel Adams
  • Maria C McCarthy ‘Living next door to Angie’; Artwork by Bill Gooch
  • Clair Meyrick ‘Picasso Miro Dali’; Artwork by Maggie Drury
  • Malek Montag ‘Harry the Verdun’; Artwork by Nikki Price
  • Tara Moyle ‘Other people’s houses’ (Excerpt); Artwork by Marilyn Simpson
  • Chris Page ‘Reality 73’; Artwork by Chris Page and Marilyn Simpson
  • Bethany Pope ‘Hanging, Among the Oranges’; Artwork by Richard Squarecube and Abigail Ziering
  • Dylan Oscar Rowe ‘For and after Byron’; Artwork by Jen Cross
  • Roy Smith ‘Stink-Bella’; Artwork by Nigel Adams



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