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Introducing Confluence

Photo of Confluence issues 1 and 3
Confluence issues 1 and 3

Confluence is a new writing magazine from Wordsmithery.

Originally online only, we will be publishing a print copy four times a year (August, December, February and May). See the Submissions page for what we’re looking for and how to submit!

You can order a copy of Issues 1 and 3 and subscribe at the Wordsmithery website.

Confluence aims to introduce writers from the East Kent area to writers from everywhere else and promote artistic exchange.

Writers we have featured so far include: Issue 1 (all available online)  Janine Booth, sean burn, Matt Chamberlain, Nancy Charley, David Cramer Smith,  Zack Davies, Rachel Davis,  Sarah Hehir, Dan Horrigan, SM Jenkin, Daphne Margolys, Tara Moyle, Katarina Rankovic, Angel Uriel Perales, Cameron Williamson.

Issue 2 (all available online) ‘An assemblance of judicious heretics; re:imagining Shakespeare’ – featuring poetry and prose from 33 writers and interpretations of their words by 32 artists. Linked to Wordsmithery’s text-art exhibition.

Issue 3 (some video extracts available online) Stories and poems from Matt Chamberlain, Nancy Charley, Maggie Drury (woodcut illustrations), Barry Fentiman Hall, Sam Hall (a play), Mark Holihan, Shaun Philip Hutchings, Philip Kane, Bill Lewis, Daphne Margolys, Maria C. McCarthy, Katarina Rankovic, David Cramer Smith, Spreken, Jonathan Terranova, and Barrie West.

The magazine is printed using a Risograph machine on recycled paper, using vegetable inks, which gives it a retro feel. “…it’s so satisfying to hold and read! Typeface is fab, paper is perfect magazine weight. Old school printing was an inspired choice…”