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The Admiral’s Tea Party – this Saturday

The Admiral’s Tea Party is this Saturday!

We have been preparing the event for months now, so hope to see you there! Here are a few of the photos: some of the poets on a trip to the site, some inspirations for costume and set and our lovely poster!

Book here – http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3005336

Entry to the tea party doesn’t need to be booked, but if you want to go on the walk you should as spaces are limited.



The Admiral’s Tea Party

The Admiral’s Tea Party

We are excited about Wordsmithery’s commission from Medway’s new Paint The Town Festival.

The Admiral’s Tea Party is a new site specific performance which will take its inspiration from aspects of Chatham’s heritage, commissioned for the Paint The Town Festival.

Did you know that the Admiral of the Fleet (head honcho of the British navy) used to have a residence in the Lower Lines Park in Gillingham, Kent? And that he used to organise fabulous tea parties on the lawn there?

Taking our inspiration from this fact, and from the nautical history of the area, we will be creating a new show to be performed at the Lower Lines Park on 24 June. We want stories and writing from local people to be part of the show! Playwright Sam Hall will be leading some creative writing workshops to help create the final piece.


The first workshop will be held on Saturday 22nd April 2017 from 1- 3pm at Nucleus Arts Centre. Book here.

There is also a second workshop on Wednesday 26 April, 2-5pm at the Brook Theatre. Book here.


Join our Community Cast for our outdoor theatre performance exploring the history of Gillingham’s Lower Lines Park. The site specific show will be performed on the afternoon of Saturday 24 June. We currently need actors to be part of this exciting new production. Workshops dates to be confirmed, but if you are interested, please email us for further info.

Seeking stories and actors for historico-fictional short story trail

Picture of Admiralty House
Tea on the lawn with the Admiral

The Admiral’s Tea Party will be a one-day literary event/experience/performance.

This event will be based in the Lower Lines park – telling the alternative histories of the people who worked there at various times through history.

This event is possibly the first in the linked set of events for Historic Medway (potentially entitled ‘Medway Timeslip’).

We are looking for actors to join in with the project, (if you have your own Military costume from any period, even if it’s a bit steampunk, we would also like to hear from you!) We also need some writers to write stories inspired by the Lower Lines’ history.

Drop Sam a line on email if you would be interested in getting involved with this local alternative history event.

UPDATE: We have decided to delay this project until next summer to be sure of good weather. But we are going to be beavering away on it from November onwards – so if you want to get involved, please let us know!